Pigments True Brows - Truly Amber 10ml

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Truly Amber is a soft, light blonde with a warm base from our True Brows pigment range. This brow pigment is a great choice for golden blonde hair tones 

Finishing Touches introduce True Brows, an organic pigment range with unique tri-colour technology to:

• Blade

• Stroke

• Shade

Not only are these organic pigment colours suitable for blading, hair stroke and ombre brows but they stay true to their colour. No more guesswork, no mixing and no disappointments on healed results. A True Brows brown that truly stays brown.

The ranges of these 14 pigments give a spectrum of shades from dark blonde to intense brown. The results speak for themselves. When bladed these colours retain their warmth. When strokes are applied, they don’t spread or bleed and when shaded they hold the density exactly where needed

For best results use a Nano needle, 4 flat, 3 sloped or Nano blade. Use a 3 sloped at a 30-degree angle. Use the 4 flat at 45 degrees.

When working with a single needle formation like a Micro or Nano – be prepared for it to take a little longer. Slow right down, lay your needle as flat as you can and work the pigment in a back and forth (shovelling) motion.

All the colours look green in the bottle, which can be a little deceptive. However, when rubbing the pigment into the skin, magic happens and they turn into a perfect shade of brown. So when testing the colour on the clients’ skin make sure it is rubbed in. Remember these pigments do not need mixing.

Do not wipe away with water – these are hydrophilic pigments (dissolve in water), and therefore you will wipe away pigment. 

With tri-colour technology, this is the perfect all-in-one pigment.

  • Longer lasting colour stability
  • Organic pigment range
  • True brown healed results
  • Twelve new colours
  • No mixing required
  • Suitable for blading with a warm or cool healed result
  • Beautiful results for hairstrokes and shading
  • Exclusive to Finishing Touches.

No more cool grey brows in the world of Microblading, only perfect healed results every time. Put your trust in the True Brows range and you will never look back. Pigments they are recommended for use by experienced Microbladers and advanced SPMU technicians.

Size 10ml.

All FT pigments have a shelf life of 6 months from date of opening