SPMU /Microblading Aftercare 15 ml size or pack of 30 sachets 5 ml each

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Many clinicians believe a DRY heal ( Do nothing, let the body heal itself as using a aftercare that wets the artwork can cause the pigment to lift, and have less retention )
That is why we developed and patented a DRY Heal. The serum puts a DRY breathable antibacterial coating over the artwork, and greatly speeds healing.
Patented dry heal serum.
The serum has low surface tension so the skin quickly absorbs the nutrients leaving a fine dry anti-bacterial coating
* Will not block the skins pores
* Reduces Itching and Irritation
* Reduced redness
* Locks in pigments
* Halves the clients usual healing time
* Mild Anaesthetic
* Anti fungal
* Anti microbial
* Moisturises
* Hydrates
* Cools
* Locks in moisture
* Anti oxidant
* Accelerates healing
* Balances the skins natural Ph
Apply a thin layer of serum over the treated area, allow the serum to penetrate the skin. Do not massage in. Apply twice daily. Or as advised by your clinician.