Spafest Well Being Program with Iain Bell Executive Fitness Coach.

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SpaFest Wellness Programme.


As part of the forthcoming SpaFest, attendees can gain access to an exclusive integrated wellness programme led by industry expert Iain Bell, Executive Fitness Foundation. 

 For a nominal fee of £50, attendees enrol in a 5 week guided wellness programme of the very latest in optimal well-being. The programme is designed to accelerate significant adaptations in health change. 

 Payment and enrolment can be done at the Spafest Registration Desk on the day or via this website

 Over the 5 week period the group receive weekly videos in key areas to build practical skills, knowledge and best practice to achieve health change. This integrated approach guarantees positive results and is further enhanced by inter-group accountability as each member posts their progress and shares their successes. 

 5 stages of progress and change 

 Week 1

Framing change and content. 

The group start by daily food records with small changes in nutrition this is part of week 1 and is repeated in week 5. Key accountability 

 Week 2

Liver flush and movement. 

Liver cleanse drink to optimise organ function and weight loss. This is combined with physical activity and movement. Alcohol theory. 

 Week 3

Meditation, mindset and positive framing. 

Step by step meditation technique, breathing and visualisation. This builds further focus and commitment to change and motivation. It harnesses exercise, nutrition and mapping individual well-being 

 Week 4 

Group Review and ensuring positive solutions 

Half way zoom meeting with the sharing of challenges and success

 Week 5 

Juicing, fasting and cleansing. Well-being from the inside out. 

Video demonstrations and guided tips and tricks of kickstarting optimal health. 

Review of weight loss, energy and positive habit forming. 


Our colleagues from the spa industry join in a common celebration of a shared journey through Covid, and regenerating momentum with this unique service industry. All wellness members will have a chance to share and celebrate their achievements. It also shows how essential personal self-care and optimal health is to live, work and promote wellness within the spa business

 Iain will utilise 30 years of experience combing a skill set in lifestyle medicine with holistic wellbeing. 

An essential element is the creation of a positive mindset within the group with shared accountability and knowledge. The weekly components layer and build an integrated approach to boost self-discipline, self-esteem and positive group dynamics. 


The programme celebrates all that is the spa industry and SpaFest,  a commitment to excellence and the highest in professional industry standards.