Smartknit Towels Ultra Soft 550gms White Trade Only Business details req

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SmartSoft is the latest collection of SupremeSoft Bathrobes, SupremeSoft Spa Linen and SmartKnit Towels with an environmental conscience. SmartSoft provides energy efficient towelling solutions for Spas, Hotels and Laundries wishing to substantially reduce their energy consumption, with a responsibility to the environment.

70 %reduction in energy usage
31 % reduction in laundry drying times
65 % less oil absorption than traditional 100 per cent cotton towelling


This is a brand new collection of Energy Efficient Towels, with a unique knitted construction that makes them snag free and long lasting. 

550 GSM Thickness

  • Significant Energy saving compared with a traditional towel
  • Reduction in Drying Time
  • Reduction of absorbency in oil than traditional towelling
  • Reduction in water consumption
  • Long lasting - the knitted weave of this towel means that it will not pull or tear
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • 550 gsm

Colours : White

SmartKnit is part of the SmartSoft Collection which includes: SupremeSoft Bathrobes and SupremeSoft Spa Linen.

SmartKnit Towels are part of the SmartSoft collection.These new energy efficient towels are made with a unique fabric blend that gives them exceptional energy saving properties. The entire collection is 100% Guaranteed for the claims of sustainability and energy savings which can be verified by the independent reports provided by the Laundry and Technology Centre (LTC).

Available in 550 & 550 gsm weights 

Colours : White

The SmartSoft Collection provides towelling solutions for all salons and spas wishing to substantially reduce their energy with a responsibility towards the environment.