Precision Plus 3 Power Needle

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Our German Manufacturer developed the first cartridge system that offers our customers absolute safety with regard to sterility. They integrated the needle and the needle cap into a disposable cartridge, by securely sealing it at the end with a membrane, we created a new form of protection against contamination for the handpiece. The risk of contaminated liquid or air flows is now eliminated  

These needles fit the Precision Plus and Nano machines 


The newest needle on the market the power needles are tight, round and concave in shape which delivers all the pigment to a precise point. Their sharpness is perfect for drawing and they deposit a tremendous amount of colour. These needles are not suitable for any procedure which requires shading. These are the perfect drawing tool. Use for eyeliner, hairstrokes and tattoo outlines. Take care not to overwork the skin. ONLY experienced technicians should use this needle.