Cracked Heel Cream Urea 5% 100 ml Podoexpert Retail

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  • An elite formulation for the protection of dry cracked and heavily calloused skinåÊ
  • Clinically Proven formula on the basis of a patented BarrioExpert Lipo 2 TechnologyåÊ
  • Enriched with skin equivalent biomimetic lipids that strengthen and protect the skin barrieråÊ
  • Ideal for daily maintenance,children and for sensitive skin types.åÊ
  • Suitable for DiabeticsåÊ
  • Induces the repair of the skin barrier within only 4 weeks
  • Makes very dry and cracked skin smooth and supple
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Recommended for: Xerosis, hyperkeratosis, cracks, fissures, calluses, corns, roughness, scales, flaking, tightness, rhagades, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Important Ingredients: LIPO2 skin-equivalent lipids, Pentavitinå¨, Panthenol, Urea (5%)
  • Directions:åÊåÊApply an amount 1.5cm to 3 cm to the feet regularly, morning andåÊ evenings also ideal for overnight useåÊ