Needling meso Ampoules.PDRN Skin Rejuvenation Box of 5 inc vat

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Cosmetic Polydeoxyribonucleotide PDRN

What is PDRN

PDRN is a substance extracted from salmon because of its similarity to human DNA . It was originally used as a tissue repairing compound due to its ability to accelerate recovery after skin grafts.

PDRN can be used with skin needling because it stimulates the metabolic activity of skin cells to regenerate collagen,glycosaminoglcans and glycoproteinsåÊ and it can boost rates of growth in fibroblasts.

PDRN can awaken tired aged cells to act younger and get to work again. Working with Mesotherapy makes a significant improvement in skin elasticity. texture and hydration.

Professional Use only.

1 ampoule 8 ml