Posy Lips - Oriental Lily 10ml

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FOR LIPS - A light, bright pigment, great for creating a lip blush in a natural tone. Perfect for creating a youthful glow.

FOR MEDICAL - A vibrant pink – can be used neat for the nipple effect and can added to Blush or Rouge to add vibrancy to the base.

Posy Lips is an organic lip line which offers greater retention, more vibrant healed results and they are easily implanted using any of the Finishing Touches needles. From soft barely there pinks, to bold and beautiful reds, there is a pigment choice for everyone.

All FT pigments have a shelf life of 6 months once opened.

New REACH regulation ensures quality and safety across pigment manufacturing.  All Finishing Touches pigments are EU REACH compliant.
Please note that Finishing Touches are authorised to sell REACH pigments in the UK and outside the EU only.  If you are looking to purchase these pigments from within the EU please contact a member of the team. info@finishingtouchesgroup.com