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Clinic Must-Haves in association with Finishing Touches always searches out top quality tools in order to offer clients the best equipment for perfect results. This is why only the finest grade needles are selected. With the launch of the new NANO NT needle, there is guaranteed stable precision with every stroke.

In 2016, Finishing Touches launched the revolutionary Nano 1 & 2 needles which took the industry by storm. These allowed micropigmentation technicians to create precise, crisp and thin hair stroke brows. With new technology advancements in 2018, they are now proud to announce the launch of the NANO NT. If you thought Nano 1 & 2 were best for achieving fine line work, then just wait until you meet the new NANO NT!

The new NANO NT needle is a 0.25 needle, and it features an innovative tubular design at the tip of the cartridge, ensuring high precision needle guidance, greater stability and superior pigment flow for every skin type.

An added benefit of the NANO NT needle is that the pigment can be placed into the cartridge which means no more dipping! Micropigmentation technicians can now work quicker, spend less time dipping, as the needle gives excellent pigment retention so now less top-up work will be needed!

CEO Dawn Forshaw quotes 'As akin to fashion trends, we see beauty constantly evolving and it is the same with permanent makeup. Defined hairstroke brows have moved on to ombre powered brows. In 2019, we see a messier bigger-is-better, full natural and brushed-up brow, emerging from the catwalks. Nowadays techniques along with hand tools and machines allow experienced technicians to customise treatments to meet the client’s taste and desires. My particular favourite tool to work with is the versatile Nano NT Needle which creates beautiful crisp hair stokes and requires minimal top ups.'