Nano 3 Sloped inc vat

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Compatible with  Precision Plus, Vogue,Nano, Nero: If in doubt make contact with us and we can check if these are compatible with your machine 


After much anticipation, Finishing Touches can finally reveal the Nano needle family is expanding. From a family of 1 it will soon grow to a family of 5 needle configurations. So, without further ado, we welcome the latest addition, the Nano Slope.


Finishing Touches always searches out top quality tools in order to offer clients the best equipment for perfect results. This is why only the finest grade needles are selected.

In 2016, Finishing Touches launched the revolutionary Nano 1 & 2 needles which took the industry by storm. These allowed micropigmentation technicians to create precise, crisp and thin hair stroke brows. With new technology advancements in 2018, they were proud to announce the launch of the NANO NT.


The Nano Slopes are available in a 3 and 5 formation brings a whole new dimension to brows for digital technicians wishing to achieve a ‘microblading’ style brow.


Master educator Tarryn Vice quotes “Behind the scenes I have been trailing the Nano slopes for many months and I am so proud to announce the speed of treatment and the retention is amazing as the needle allows you to pack so much more pigment in.
The beauty of the flexibility and fineness of a Nano needle but set in a sloped configuration. A dream we have all been waiting for”