ME 0.5 Metal Needle (10)

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   *You need to be specifically trained in Meso Metal Needling to order this product*

Meso Skin Needling is an effective and painless procedure, which is conducted using any of the award-winning micropigmentation devices available from the Finishing Touches. There are two different types of Meso Skin Needling procedures: The Meso Glow uses a plastic needle and Meso + uses a metal needle. With just a simple change of the needle cartridge, the tilting needle plate instantly transforms any of the machines.

Meso + is a more intense skin needling concept, which is suitable for most skin types. Using skincare infusions and a 6 point metal needle cartridge with a maximum depth of 0.3mm, with this product you should not be seeing a blood line or penetrating the skin deeper than this recommended depth.

Again, this treatment will not only help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also help improve the skin tone. Meso+ combined with Cell Biologique products helps to address more specific issues that are under the dermis such as acne or rosacea.