ManMax dermal filler

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Man Max dermal filler

A filler inspired by the MILLENIAL MAN
a new concept in masculine facial augmentation
Designed with male aesthetic treatments in mind
• male skin is around 25% thicker than female skin & thins gradually with age whereas female skin thickness stays relatively constant until the mid 40’s
Collagen – men have higher collagen density however they tend to be less sun savvy with less anti-ageing healthy habits adding years to a man’s skin
Texture – male skin texture differs from female skin.It is tougher & rougher due to a thicker stratum corneum. This means men are prone to developing deeper wrinkles.
Facial hair. Regular shaving causes stress to male skin. This is, in reality, a form of ‘peel’ which can lead to cuts, razorburn, ingrowing hairs & over-exposure to the sun’s rays & external factors due to the weakened skin barrier function
Man Max has a special formulation specifically developed to combat these differences.
Cross linked HA concentration 25mg
Non-cross linked HA concentration 5mg
1 syringe of 1ml
2 x 27g 13mm sterile needles
Includes 1 client card, 2 product labels, multi language instructions