RiparCover Kajar Eye Pencil - Black Kohl

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The Ripar Black Kohl Pencil allows you precision and effective lines for the semi-permanent eyeliner process.

The pencil is perfect for giving intensity and expressiveness lines and curves while you map semi-permanent eyeliner. Smooth and consistent, with high pigmentation, it allows easy application and ensures perfect and long-lasting lines. 

The product also comes with a lid for ease of use and hygiene purposes. When you are finished using the pencil on your client, remember to sharpen the pencil with our Cosmetic Pencil Silver Cased Sharpener before you draw on your next client for hygiene purposes.

This pencil is used in our training centres to practice semi-permanent eyeliner.  

Apply the black Ripar pencil on the upper or lower lash line to map your semi-permanent eyeliner and allow your clients to see what their eyeliner will look like. Use our Ripar White Mapping Pencil to help highlight against the black line.