Feetcalm Hydrating Bath Mousse 125 ml

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Cleanses and hydrates sensitive skin. Can be used on the whole body, this foam cleanser with soothing and hydrating properties,gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. Its relaxing creamy texture and comforting scent will turn your daily bath & shower into a spa experience!


Can be used daily for body hygiene of normal, dry and sensitive skin. Use as a cleansing foam to prepare the skin and rinse with warm water. Use in a pedicure to cleanse the feet. Shake the can well before use and spray iwth the can in an upright position. A Small ball of foam is suffient for each foot and will lather with water

Orchid Extract: Hydrating & Soothing. Bretaone: Hydrating & Soothing. Glycerine: Hydrating & Soothing