Eyeliner Procedure Kit 2024

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Our Eyeliner Procedures Kit ensures you the most optimal start to your micropigmentation career. This essential kit contains:

15 Needles -  5 x 3 micro, 10 x 3 Outline

1x Eyeliner pigments:  Black Tourmaline

25x Model release forms

25x Pre & post treatment leaflets

25x Medical consent forms

25x Treatment plans

30x Celluvisc phials

1 x Microbrushes

Pigment Pots Small

Pigment Pot Holder

1 x Dragons Blood Foam

10 x Pen and lead covers (strips)

1 x Roll of Barrier Film 

1 x Couch Roll

1 x Bed Wrap

10 x Post Procedure Mist

1 x Post Operative Mist 

10x Patch test kits

10 x Normasol

1 x Grip Wrap (Black)