Feetcalm Ultra Hydration Mousse 15% Urea pack of 2

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This easy-to-use foot care mousse, hydrates and protects dry skin and reinforces the skins moisture barrier. Regular use helps to restore elasticity and smoothness to dry feet and legs Hydrates and calms very dry or rough skin. Deeply hydrates and provides immediate relief to dry irritated skin. Promotes blood flow, relieves heaviness in the feet and legs

Suitable for daily use for Dry and Rough skin with fine cracks or slight flaking. Use on feet and legs to relieve the heavy feeling.  Shake the can well before use and spray with the can in an upright position. A Small ball of foam is sufficient for each foot. Massage in well.

15% Urea for Ultra Hydration, Witch Hazel for soothing & promoting good blood flow, Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Oil and Glycerine.

Twice a week use the hydrating ampoule with 8% Hyaluronic Acid proir to applying Ultra Hydrating Mousse with 15% urea