Cell Biologique Skincare Entry Kit

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This CB Skincare entry kit is the perfect option for those who have completed Meso+ or Meso ME training and are interested in offering skin treatments. The kit includes enough skincare products to perform 20 treatments (dependant on even use and following training required amount).

You must have received training and certification for the use of this kit as a stipulation from our insurance provider. If you have not received training, please contact a member of the team at head office to book you onto a training course on 01444 414744.

The kit includes:

Cell Biologique Bio Active Cleanser 100ml

Cell Biologique Salicylic Toner 100ml

Cell Biologique Hydration Boost Serum 100ml

Cell Biologique Inflammation Defence Moisturiser 100ml

Cell Biologique SPF 30ml

Cell Biologique Eye Care 15ml