ESR Professional and Skin Needling products

Welcome to ESR professional products.   products that support our skin needling treatments


Cordless sleek ESR skin needling pen with 4-speed variations & 5 needle depths. Blue LED therapy for soothing and sterilisation effects.

Full training available and only sold to professional operators qualified to skin needle.

Our skin needling derma roller device is great for: Skin rejuvenation, Skin texture improvement Scar improvement including acne scars, Fine lines and Wrinkles improvement, Skin Tightening & Firming, Skin Elasticity improvement

Cordless Sleek Needling Pen can also be used plugged to the mains

• 4 needle speeds  3000 to 6000 RPM.

• Blue LED therapy for soothing and sterilisation of the skin.

Rechargeable by USB cable or wireless use.

Hand grip for easy use.

Depth control from 0.25mm to 2.0mm.

Please check the guidelines given on needle depth usage by your insurance or local regulators. This device is for trained professionals only.

Various training options areåÊavailable see Training section in the shop

Our Cartridge Spec: Specially designed within a cleanroom environment, one use, fully sterile needle cartridge. 9 pins with a finer point created for less painful skin penetration.

Opening Kit Box contents:

1 pen,

10 cartridges worth £85

10 guides,

charger and cable.