Epi Nouvelle Eye Mask Bio Cellulose Epi Nouvelle

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For the immediate relief of redness, swelling or pain.

Epi Nouvelle is perfect for after aggressive treatments such as needling laser or PRP. Epi Nouvelle is also perfect for sore skin, such as Eczema, Psoriasis or skin sensitive conditions.

Epi Nouvelle has no chemicals, additives or animal products. It is 100% natural and vegan-friendly. Epi Nouvelle is made from patented biomaterial cellulose and holds 95% mineral water content. It cools and moisturizes for 4 hours without drying out. It's a modern nature-based product for the regeneration of sensitive skin

In Germany Epi Nouvelle+ NaturelleåÊwas the product of the year for aesthetic dermatology for its perfect skin regeneration for tensions, redness and itching and for its no known allergic reactions.

Ingredients :Aqua and Cellulose

To Use :

Make sure the skin is clean and free from makeup

Remove carefully from the package and apply to the designated area, smooth out with no wrinkles in the cellulose and leave on the skin for 20/30 mins or longer if desired